Avery and Home is more than just an interior design business. I started this company as a stay-at-home a few months after giving birth to my third baby and only daughter Isabel Avery. I've been in the design industry for almost a decade and have worked in so many areas of interior design - furniture and accessories, flooring, paint, window treatments, wallpaper, and of course kitchen and bathroom remodel design. Somehow, I managed to go to college for Interior Design, work full-time, and start a family simultaneously. 

I've always had a passion for interior design, but I've also always had a passion for being a mom. After years of working in the industry while having three kids, I decided that when I had my daughter I was going to take a break from it all. Knowing that Izzy was going to be my last baby, I just wanted to take in every moment, every late-night feeding, every snuggle, and every laugh. It was time for me to move on to being just a mommy, even if it meant letting all of my ambition go.

After about nine months of being a stay-at-home mom, I started to get restless. I've always had a competitive spirit, so knowing my husband was going out into the world every day and working hard to support our family, it just made me want to do it too. Don't get me wrong, I loved being a stay-at-home mom, although the hardest job I've ever had, but I knew I could do what I love if I just found a little balance.

Fast forward to October of 2019 - I finally decided to let all of my fears go and start The Paint Palette Co. I worked for a Benjamin Moore company for over 5 years selecting paint colors and it has become a specialty of mine, so I decided to start an online paint color consulting business. Clients from all over the United States would text or email me photos of their homes, and I would choose all of their paint colors. It was amazing because I was doing what I love, and I was still at home with my baby girl.

Over the course of 2020, with all of its craziness and uncertainty, I started to have local clients that wanted paint color consultations. Eventually, I also started having those same clients ask me to help them with the design of their kitchen and bathrooms - knowing how much I loved this work, I said yes! I quickly decided to purchase a really nice computer and the software I used previously at the remodeling company I worked for, and I got to work! In this work, I found a passion for remodel design and all of that pent up ambition came streaming back. 

So I decided to re-name and restructure my business model at the end of 2020. I said goodbye to The Paint Palette Co. and online paint color consultations. I wanted to create kitchen and bathroom remodel design plans locally, as well as interior and exterior paint color consultations. I love that I get to go out and meet new clients, see their homes, and create color and design plans! When my clients tell me how much they love their design and how easy I make the remodel process, it makes me so much happier than you can imagine. I absolutely love what I do and I am so grateful for my life, my family, and this sweet business that has taken me so far.

As of 2021, I've introduced two new services in addition to interior and exterior paint color consultations and kitchen and bathroom remodel design. I now offer Design Advice Consultations and Remodel E-Design. 


Avery and Home is more than just an interior design business. It's a wife, mother, interior designer, and now business owner that has truly found not only herself, but balance. Avery is named after my daughter, and no matter how big or how small my company is, I will always remember its beginning and how it all started at home.

Interior Designer Cumming, Georgia
Interior Designer Cumming, Georgia
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