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Hello! My name is Megan Paterson and I am the owner and interior designer at Avery + Home Design Co. I started my career in interior design almost a decade ago when I went to
college for Interiors. Simultaneously, I worked in many areas of interior design - high-end furniture, window treatments, paint, flooring, and kitchen and bathroom remodel design. I also
managed to marry my husband, start a family, and settle down in Cumming, Georgia - all in my early 20's. When my daughter was born, Isabel Avery, I decided I wanted to slow down from the
9 to 5 and stay home with her. It was the best decision to enjoy every second that I could with her. Slowly I started to feel restless and decided to start a small online business, The Paint Palette
Co., where I chose paint colors for clients online with their photos. That led to clients locally asking for paint color consultations which led to them asking me for help with their kitchens +
bathrooms and home styling. Once I got back into design, there was honestly no stopping me. I have such a passion for creating spaces that represent who my clients are, yet balancing that with functionality. So with that being said, thank you for taking the time to read this and


Welcome to Avery + Home!

About Avery + Home

Our  Vision.
"a collaborative design experience"

When I started my design business, I asked a few close friends what scared them most about hiring an interior designer and I've made their responses my mission. The first response was that they were afraid they would be spending a lot of money and then they would end up not liking their design in the end. On the one hand, I do believe it's important to make sure the designer you choose aligns with your aesthetic, but on the other hand, that should never be a fear. My vision is to create a collaborative design experience. For my clients to give me details about their own aesthetic, what they love,
what makes it feel like 'home' and combining that with design and functionality. I work with my clients to create their spaces. The next fear was not knowing the cost. I think it's difficult to know what hiring an interior designer will cost because so many designers are priced differently at different levels of experience. At Avery + Home we create your detailed  design plan and do not take ownership over your project. We create the best design possible for our
clients and therefore, we charge for our time only to do so. You can change your design, shop for better pricing, and choose your own contractor. Our pricing is extremely transparent and we hope that makes you feel confident in working with us! Contact Us and we will email you a packet explaining our process, pricing, and deliverables. Projects can be customized to exclude certain deliverables and therefore custom in pricing.

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Who is Avery?


I named my company Avery + Home after my daughter, Isabel Avery. Having her gave me so much inspiration to teach my kids, especially my little girl, that we can do anything we set our mind to. I created a company that allowed me to be a mom, an interior designer, and a business owner. I created a business that gave me the freedom to be home with my family while simultaneously doing what I love everyday. Izzy taught me so much about myself and that period of being a stay-at-home mom with her gave me the inspiration to be more, and to be whatever I wanted to be. All with patience, gratitude for each step, and consistency. It was only fitting that she should get the credit for all this company can and will be - because it started with her.

I am so lucky I get to not only set an example, but be an example for my kids. To show my boys that women should be treated equally to them and to show my girl that women can do absolutely anything.