Fresh + Bright Exterior Paint Color Consultation in Smyrna, Georgia

Updated: Jan 18

When this client first reached out to me she explained that she was having trouble putting a color scheme together that didn't fight with her existing stone or brick. Most of my clients (especially here in Georgia) have trouble with exterior colors for a few reasons:

  1. There are typically existing architectural details that won't be painted, so the new paint colors need to go well with it. (Brick, stone, decking, wood accents, etc.)

  2. There are so many moving parts to an exterior and it's difficult to know what colors will create the best color scheme.

  3. Roof colors are extremely important and can create a difficult situation if the colors you love or want to see on an exterior just do not flow well with your roof color.

  4. What colors work on an exterior - and what colors do not work.

  5. Paint colors tend to change drastically outside - they become a few shades lighter, so that makes it difficult to make a decision unless you know how specific paint colors react to sunlight

  6. Creating a cohesive palette while taking into account all of the above

  7. The stress of making such a large decision (literally) and not being confident that it will turn out the way you would like it to.

This is the before photo of my client's home exterior in Smyrna, Georgia:

It felt washed out and dated. Honestly the entire exterior (even the accents) kind of gets lost. When I look at an exterior and my eye is immediately drawn to one specific location, this tells me that there's not enough balance.

So my client explained to me that she would love to freshen up and update this exterior. She also wanted a blue door (which I love). She sent me a few of her favorite exterior photos from Pinterest and that told me that she really loved a light gray with darker accents. Luckily her roof color would work wonderfully with this type of color scheme, but I don't always get that lucky! Her stone also has a range of warm tones and grays, so I knew that would work as well.

I chose her paint colors and emailed them directly to her with the colors I chose for each area. I decided to keep the exterior siding all one color. Do you see how she has kind of a two-tone deep beige color scheme right now? I wanted to simplify the siding so 1. We could accentuate the architectural details like the stone and 2. So we could do darker accents without the home feeling too busy or imbalanced.

After over seven years of being a paint color consultant, it's not at all uncommon for my clients to panic on the day their home is being painted, especially if you're making a drastic color change (like we were). So my client emailed me this photo panicking that there were no accents and her husband was worried there would be no contrast.

I completely understand this fear, so I worked with her to make changes and to give her another option that would work better for them. Thankfully, she trusted me and the paint job continued!

Here is the before photo one more time:

And the after photo:

Definitely one of my most favorite exterior paint color consultations before and afters!

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