• Megan Paterson

The Best Exterior Whites by Benjamin Moore

Updated: Jul 10

I have so many clients recently that are painting their exterior white! Depending on the home, I think white is so clean and classic. I have my favorite picks for Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, but I thought I would start with my favorite Benjamin Moore exterior whites because that's what I used for my own exterior.

  1. Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover

In my opinion, the perfect white. I went through so many colors for my own exterior and even though I have been a color consultant for many many years, it was a difficult choice! I needed the perfect white. I have found that the perfect white paint color doesn't necessarily exist, it's all about the surroundings and making sure the undertones are just right! In this case, we were not painting our windows, so I needed a color that went with our new window trim. Not too gray, not too yellow. That's why Cloud Cover, to me, is perfect! The perfect combination of warm and cool without being too much of either.

Here's our exterior before:

and after:

INSANE RIGHT?! This is just a view of our courtyard - I will share more views of our exterior once we get our landscaping completed!

2. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

This color is perfect if you're wanting an off-white look with more warmth! This is also great if you have brick or stone that pulls more warmth or if your roof color is on the warmer side (all important factors when choosing an exterior paint color).

Photo sourced from here

3. Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois

Definitely a brighter and still warm off-white! None of my favorite exterior whites will be too cool. They all have warmth to blend in with the natural lighting of the sun. If a white is too cool, it can turn into a slight gray/blue hue and unless that's the look we specifically want - then I try to steer clear. Having a warm undertone in white is perfect and definitley needed!

4. Benjamin Moore White Dove

Yes, White Dove made it to my list! I hear designers say often that they are 'so over White Dove' - but I don't see a color and a name that's been around forever - I see colorants. I see the perfect combination of gray and yellow. I see a color that's not too dark, not too light, and a color that blends with almost anything. It's a great white for both interior and exterior.

Photo sourced from here

5. + 6. Benjamin Moore Dove Wing + Seapearl

Similar to White Dove, but a little darker and slightly more gray. Love love love these colors for the exterior and I decide white to use by the depth of color.

Lightest: White Dove

Medium: Sea pearl

Deepest: Dove Wing

A bonus favorite and if you stuck around to read this - THANK YOU! One of my favorite favorite favorite colors for exterior brick is Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9