• Megan Paterson

What is E-Design?

So what is e-design?? I will make this the shortest and sweetest blog post you've ever seen!

Interior design, e-design, e-designer, what is e-design?
Interior Designer, E-Designer

E-Design is online interior design! All of your interior design needs are met online, through email, or zoom working with your designer. We take care of the full design of your space OR we can help you style and add finishing touches to your space.

So how does the process work?

First - look over our services here and contact us on this same page with your project details.

Then - We will ask for more details about your project and give you a flat design fee quote!

Afterward - We will ask you for photos, possibly measurements, and for you to take a custom design questionnaire (so easy! - and fun!)

Next - We start working on your design plan which includes:

A design mood board (rugs, accessories, artwork, lamps, furniture, lighting, etc.)

A custom shopping list for you to shop on your own at your own time!

A space plan and style guide

3D Renderings (if needed)

Last - We send your custom and detailed e-design plan to you! Shop for items we specified for your project, style based on our guide, and ask us any questions you have throughout the process!!

Now having your home well-designed and perfectly styled is so within your reach and your budget!

Contact Us today to get a quote!

Interior Designer, E-Designer, What is E-design
Interior Designer, E-Designer

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