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Contact us and tell us as much detail about your project as possible! We can anwer any questions you have prior to booking a consultation.

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Book your remodel consultation directly online that fits your project scope.

The Initial Consultation


At this consultation, we'll go over your project in detail. Specifically your family's functionality needs, design aesthetic, and all of the small details we need to complete your design. We will also take detailed measurements and photos, so we can space plan accurately.

Quote + Begin Design


After your consultation, we will email you a quote for design services. There will also be a design start date listed on your quote. The invoice must be payed by that design start date for us to begin working on your design. The complete design process takes approximately 2-4 weeks.


"a collaborative design experience"

Space Planning


First, we start by drawing your existing space and then we begin space planning in 3D. Your floor plan, cabinetry, etc. gets designed in this step! Once we're happy with your space plan, we email you a link to your design and a video walkthrough in 3D. We explain your plan and then you can give us feedback about areas you like and dislike. This process is extremely collaborative with our clients and they have a complete hand in the space planning process!

Design Specifications + 3D Renderings


Once we've compled the space plan, based on your feedback. We begin specifying each design element of your space (tile, countertops, light fixtures, etc.) and creating an easy, shoppable, list of links for you. We also take all of these materials and put them into your 3D design and render your space!

Your Design


Once your design is complete, we email it directly to you! We provide one more revision on all material selections, so you can really make sure the design fits who you are and your design style! We do not take ownership over your project or design, so you can take your completed design to the contractor of your choice, within your own budget, and timeline.

by the time you meet with your contractor you have a complete design (that you helped to create), all of your materials, hardware, and fixtures chosen, and you have a 3D visual of what your space will look like completed!




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